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Soap Guy Bath Bombs


• 1 glass baking soda

• ½ cup citric acid

• ½ cup cornflour

• 1/3 cup Epsom salts

• ¼ cup powdered milk

• 2 tablespoons olive oil

• 2 teaspoon cocoa butter melted

• 1 teaspoon essential oil

• 3-7 teaspoons water/witch hazel mix in a spray bottle for even distributed

Make these the same as your basic bath bombs by combining your ingredients first then incorporating your ingredients that are wet. Do so quickly so as to not fizz prematurely.

Now you can enjoy your new style bath with your made bath bomb!

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Given that I have explained a bit about bath salts, keep in mind, it is not tough to make them. Merely mix everything well, add color last, then spoon into your container. You'll spoon into jars, containers, little synthetic bags or envelopes produced from wax paper. I recommend synthetic jars or bottles; glass are dangerous in your bathroom!

Bath bombs are really easy to make with simple ingredients that are located in many supermarkets or chemists. Before we let them have out I would like to briefly explain a number of them and that means you know why you need to use them.


It’s this that offers things its fizz and additionally acts as a water softener. It's natural preservative and when used in cooking gives a sour style.


This will be known better as bicarbonate of soft drink. It is a grainy powder therefore acts as an exceptional exfoliator eliminating any dead cells but in addition is mild in the epidermis.


Crucial oils carry the distinctive aromas from flowers which is this concentrated fluid that carries the plants smell. They are much used in scents, soaps and other beauty products. Each oil features its own unique home, used a lot in aromatherapy massage because of its healing properties.

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